Why do you want?
Nobody knows,
But the desire is deep in your bones.
You want to learn, you want to achieve,
And yet you don't want to stop and perceive
The fact that, while fleeting and mussed,
Your success is still there. Alas,
The human greed is such a beast -
Not really scary, but cunning at least.
It will take you to unbelievable heights
to just say "Hey, look at those lights!
They are on top, higher than you.
You should strive to be there too!"
And you, seeing nothing but them,
Will being the rough climb again.
You climb for years, you agonize
And when you finally look up at the skies
- Oh Golly! - You see that those lights
Were just on a stick in front of your eyes.


Hey you, and yes I mean You,
Why are you here right now, precisely?
Reading this post on a random website,
Wasting your time and your life (to say it concisely)?

Ah, "Go out and do it" - a common advice
Given out by people that advertise
How great they are (and you could be too!
If you buy this book - it's just twelve fifty-two!)

Yet they forget one simple fact -
There's no value in 'doing' except for the one you create,
But for some reason, people think that they lack
Something greater than them, or that it's all fate.

That they SHOULD suffer, they HAVE TO achieve
That there is nothing else left to conceive.
They believe that it's there - the Holy Grail, the Goal,
That, once achieved, would help solve it all.

But that's just another metaphorical truth -
One that may help you, but if like a sleuth,
You dig into it, you will soon find out
That using that thing was just a cop out.

Just do what you do, live and let live
Don't bother others, treat your words like a shiv.
"You are what you eat", "you become what you do".
So why don't you turn into something pleasant for you?


Trapped in a moment of boundless mazes,
In a labyrinth of countless gazes,
Using his soul, his only tool
In preparation for something, this fool!

Looking's forbidden, listening too.
He only knows how to do and undo.
Faithful or not, that's his last stand:
"Sometimes, people just can't understand."

The sea is big, the sea is wide,
The sea is so bright you can't open your eyes.
The sea is a bitch, the sea is a chore,
The sea is the only option in store.

The sea is something you know very well -
Beautiful, striking, and fancy as hell.
The sea is sometimes all that we have.
And yet don't forget: there's dry land as well.