My opinion on leadership in Tokyo Tech

TL;DR: Tokyo Tech is a place that produces followers by design. It’s a feature, not a bug.

Why I'm writing this: Some of my friends are really into changing the Tokyo Tech's system, while I'm really unsure whether it's worth the effort to do it

As there are universities mostly focused on producing businessmen (Keio and Hitotsubashi are example of such places), there are also universities producing workers  for those businessmen. Our university is one of such places.

Now, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t provide an opportunity for proactive students interested in business, negotiation to learn them - but it shouldn’t be the main focus of 東京工業大学 but just a small add-on, like the liberal art or teacher training courses are.

This is where ToTAL comes into the picture. The Academy is a place for students to grow and experience a part of being in a business major without actually having to go through that major. And it’s small enough to not distract students from their main purpose too much.

As far as I understand, some people would want to make it into a place with a “liberal atmosphere”, where students can explore and tackle different problems by suggesting the solutions themselves. And while I don’t condemn this approach, I think that it should come in moderation - and I’m seeing some of my close friends being obsessed with the idea of “changing Tokodai”, “showing students that we can change the system”, etc.

A simple question that I’d like to ask in return is the following: “Why try to make a tomato out of an apple? An apple is great already and has a purpose to serve and a place to fill. Now, if some apples want to become tomatoes it becomes a different question.”

Also, according to my observations, people with the “change Tokodai” mindset are surrounded by people that don’t like studying or like their majors that much - or at least that’s what I can gather from asking the question “Why do people join extracurricular activities?” “Why do people select to do stuff outside of the lab?”.

Well, an obvious answer is that people don’t like to be in the lab that much.  Of course, some people want to spice up their life and get into more social circles, but why spice up something that’s spicy already?

A person that’s completely satisfied with their life in the lab will just stay in the lab and not bother with the club politics and extracurricular stuff - I know such people.

So, people that start those extracurricular things end up being surrounded by people that don’t really want to dedicate 100% of their time to study and start thinking that every student is like that.

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